Hello Beautiful ❤

I am Frankie 😀

Living in a van is Awesome!

Join me on a van tour of the UK. Lets get chilly!

Did you know!!

Goats have rectangular pupils!

Van Life

I currently live in a van, touring Great Britain. You will usually find me on the coast taking armature pictures from the roof of my van or generally typing away at my laptop, writing the next article for people to enjoy.


Some common subjects I write about are, Living the van life and how it actually works, Great ideas to make some extra income, And plenty of ‘How to’ blog posts. This whole website is my life as I live and breath. since gaining a small following I’ve been drawn into the social networking world and I LOVE it! Everyone is very kind.

I support Frankie Lang

What was named first,

An orange or the colour orange?

Who Is Frankie Lang?

Frankie is a travel blogger, Travelling the UK in a van.

http://www.frankielang.com was started as a blogging platform to share this unusual way of living.

The Year Of The Bucket list – Coming soon!

With Thanks 😀

Every single person who has taken the time to support me on this wild journey deserves all the happiness in the world!

I can’t give happiness of that level but I can give FREE mentions 😀

Thank You So Much

Coming Soon!

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