How to make money when travelling | Onlyfans? Used Underwear?

Every article online tells you to work from your van, get ads, do affiliate marketing!! Sell your writing skills!!… come on!!! We are new to blogging! Those things are not possible!!! So this is my guide for the real people wanting to make a bit of extra income, without following an impossible guide 🙈

Starting off (many years ago) I worked a rubbish job that drained my very soul. I saved every spare penny I had in order to push my wild dream of living the van life full time.

They say knowledge is key and I guess in many areas of life this is true. Money is a burden, There is no denying it. But we cant be without it.

So here are some ways I personally make money when travelling and some ideas I’ve seen from others living the same life.


I use my personal account that has a good reputation with years of hard work to sell my products. With the help of my besties they order products for me to make in my van and sell, It’s a simple process.

So I love taking photographs, But in no means am I an expert. So I had this idea one day to take 10 photographs, Download them to my laptop, Put text over the image (still keeping the photo visible) edited the text with some heart warming caption I made up (The Frankie Witter) sized my design, sent to my friend to double check. She’d print 50 sheets (each sheet holding 55 – 60 small logos) order me some blank keying’s then i would collect them, Fit them together on my travels, Take photos and list.

Once a sale has come through the money will be paid into my bank account, I’d package the keying, pop on a stamp and post.

I also find that eBay is brilliant for selling second hand clothes from a van. it is pretty easy to hang up a jacket to take a smashing photo. This de-clutters and provides a small extra income.


  • Quick to list an item
  • Low selling fee’s (Some free)
  • You can sell thousands of items a month
  • Quick daily or weekly pay from eBay


  • Items don’t always get sold
  • It can be tedious listing hundreds of items
  • time wasters
  • when watching an item, eBay can be slow to remind you the listing has almost ended.


Very much the same as eBay, Etsy is okay for selling but be aware if you are selling loads of small items for a small price, you still have to pay the high fees, This site is a tad expensive if you are on a budget.

I had my Etsy account for about 5 months and couldn’t list too much as the initial listing fee was 20p, and this isn’t including the total fee for selling an item. That 20p is charged regardless if you make a sale or not. It adds up. 5 items and its cost you a pound!


  • You have your own little shop
  • People buy items often
  • its a good, easy to use app


  • The Etsy team aren’t very helpful when you need them
  • it costs a small fortune to run your shop
  • it is a long process listing an item

Part Time Job

Only doing this twice, I still believe its worth a mention

If I am due to be camped out for longer than two weeks I tend to ask local farmers, campsite owners, local shops and pubs if they have any little jobs going for a few hours a day, The three times I asked I was accepted at two jobs. One was working on a farm feeding the livestock, The second was in a little family run café. You’ll be surprised how many people jump to the idea of giving a little extra help when they hear your circumstance. The van life brings a lot of love.

And the beautiful thing is, if you work well they tend to want to see you again in the future. Well worth staying in touch with those who have helped you out 😀


  • Quick work
  • Usually cash in hand
  • Nice people
  • lovely locations
  • good experience


  • Can take a while to find
  • expect to work hard
  • short term


Only fans you say!!

Before my Instagram message box explodes I just want to clarify, I’ve never been on only fans.

So I once met this lovely couple who were taking a tour around the North of Scotland. They wanted to check out Castle Varrich. I agreed to tag along and meet them there the next day.

The day was lovely and the castle was amazing! Genuinely I was taking notes as I walked around, the couple not fazed as they knew I was a writer for my new website blog. Noticing they had no work set up I assumed they had saved for this holiday.

On the evening we all decide to park side by side and have a nice evening camp out. Whilst talking I discovered that this couple take part in only fans activity (The Sexual Kind) they were so confident sharing the gritty details to their work.

I am definitely not one to judge but I was curious! Asking plenty of questions! They are both two of the happiest people I have ever met, They both love their job, Adore their lifestyle and infatuated with each other. It is truly lovely. and the money they were making is astonishing!

In order to write this blog efficiently enough to talk about I signed up to an OnlyFans account to see what it was like. I was surprised to find out the registration process was so indebt, covering all my personal details and even a selfie of my driving licence photo with me in it. Not all of the content I came across was sexual, In fact a whole bunch of content was mealy people selling their hand made products or home made clothes. I have not deleted my account lol.


  • Your onlyfans doesn’t have to be sexual
  • Potentials to make a lot of money
  • Control your own little space


  • Long task to sign up / register
  • You may not make sales if you don’t promote yourself
  • Manual promoting website

Write an eBook

Writing is good fun, Once you overcome the first blank stage of the first page your words will flow. Selling an eBook is free with amazon and kindle so definitely worth a shot if you have the time and enjoyment of telling a story.

I am currently in the process of finishing my first story to publish, the whole process is just pure enjoyment! Give it a shot 😀


  • Good fun if you enjoy writing
  • It FREE!
  • It can be a good escape from reality
  • You could make a good side income


  • It can take a while to write a eBook
  • the process is not easy to understand
  • Constant spellcheck and grammar check

Sell Advice

Advice is always needed. Are you the type of person who can help anyone in need? Do you feel comfortable talking about someone’s issues in a non patronising way? If so this might be perfect for you! Set up a website, Advertise through twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Grab some attention from the papers, Write a column. Mystic Meg started somewhere.


  • Everyone needs advice
  • Huge marketplace for help
  • You can make good money online
  • Choose your own working hours


  • Can take a while to become reputable
  • Websites can be costly
  • It takes a long time to get set up


Shpock deserves a mention, The pros to this selling platform is the ease of use, People haggle a lot on items and generally you get message about when collecting or picking up but it can be good to nab a bargain to re sell later on. In recent years the shpock app has become so slow and laggy, And also doesn’t sync the location accurately, This is a huge problem when you are traveling!


  • It’s 100% free to use
  • You can make quick sales
  • Buying good items is a doddle
  • It’s like an online car boot sale


  • Location is not very accurate
  • Laggy app
  • Loads of time wasters
  • Hagglers EVERYWHERE!


Fiverr is fantastic for finding anything, on this platform you’ll find skilled individuals selling Web design, logo creation, animation, music, advice 😉 so get online, Make an account, Get selling your skill! It’s great to add to your monthly income.


  • You can be as creative as you like
  • You can make an absolute fortune
  • Easy register and set up
  • It doesn’t cost a lot to sell


  • Huge online competition
  • Reaching sales in your first few weeks can be draining
  • Demonstrating
  • skills can be a long task


Is there a local pub offering a cash prize for a competition winner? Do you have the most amazing talent? Get on stage and get that prize money 😃

Comedy open mic nights are fantastic if you have natural comedic talent, Or if your band is looking for that next big gig! Get out there and pull in some interest!


  • Easy to apply
  • You will have a good time
  • It can lead to BIG things
  • That first applause is a dream


  • Finding locations can be a nightmare
  • Practicing talent takes time and dedication
  • Nerves being on stage is a real problem for many


Head online to magazine websites, Enter every competition you can think of. Or buy some magazines. Also TV show websites sometimes do competitions, Like BBC, channel 4.

Usually these competitions are free to enter so what do you have to lose? Take part in photo contests and see if you can nab that top spot. Prizes can vary but it’s not unusual for a cash prize to be between £50 – £500


  • Usually FREE to enter
  • Quick to enter
  • No limit to how many online competitions you can enter at one go
  • You can take part at home or by your mobile


  • Winning is not guaranteed
  • Some entries want a small pay to enter
  • You can enter hundreds before winning a small amount
  • Time consuming

Blog / Website

Set up a blog website like this one, Optimise it to allow ad revenue and get your monthly income due to clicks via the public. Easy… Well its sort of easy!

I don’t personally make money this way as having ads on my website isn’t really something that interests me at the moment. PLUS!! You need a huge monthly following to be able to see any actual benefit of making real money from ads.

They say on average you need at least 100k monthly viewers to your website before you make decent money from blogging. That is a HUGE amount to aim for!! Kind of unreal if you ask me.

Let your website be your enjoyment and let it grow naturally on its on, If one day you make money from it, great. If not don’t lose yourself trying to reach too high at first. Blogging is meant to be enjoyed 😀


  • It is great fun
  • You meet some lovely people online
  • Your website / blog becomes your baby
  • You do have potential to make money. One day
  • Blogs are great for expression


  • It is not a get rich scheme
  • You must invest plenty of time into your content
  • Blogging takes years not weeks
  • It is costly
  • You have to self promote


Photography is taking the world by storm one again, with jobs EVERYWHERE for taking photos.

If you have a keen eye for taking the most perfect photo, You must check out these photo selling sites below! Click on the links directly to their websites.

Adobe Stock – Click Here

Shutterstock – Click Here

500px – Click Here

Foap – Click Here

Alamy – Click Here

These sites are within some of the top rated for selling your photos online.


  • Great to make a photography profile
  • You can make good money
  • Brilliant fun sharing your content


  • Difficult to make steady income
  • Can take a long time to make a sale
  • Huge online competition

Sell Used Underwear

Okay so this suggestion is truly down to you. I know of this to be a brilliant way to make some extra cash but not from personal experiences. The newspapers over the years have published a few articles about women making 5 figure sums each month through selling their dirty underwear online. like wow!

Id be lying if I said I haven’t thought about doing it myself!

Looking further into it have compiled a whole A4 page of information that you must know if you wish to jump on the bandwagon!

So in the UK it is legal to sell your used underwear. Currently there is no law restricting the sales of your worn panties. So this makes it a whole lot easier for you to sell. Right? Well…

Selling the underwear for cash and reaching an audience is where it gets tricky. As I’ve contacted many sales platform’s regarding this right…. Oh yeah I am like a journalist!!

eBay states that no such item can be listed as it is unsanitary, Shock has a similar response, and the same with every single other selling platform. I hit a brick wall! Just as I was about to scrap the idea about writing about this I decided to try and contact women making money from doing this. I found many online sellers through Only Fans and not one seller was willing to talk to me about it. It was frustrating.

Eventually one lady came forward and was happy to talk. So the selling platforms you can sell on are online websites like only fans. there are a whole bunch of sites that take a percentage for every sale you make.

I wont list the websites as you can google “sell used panties” and they literally pop up in front of you. This lady was lovely and explained how she’s not interested in the sexual kink that goes along with selling underwear (very much like all the other sellers) but does it for the money. She makes on average £600 per month and says it pays more than her part time job that she works more hours at.


  • You can make good money
  • It is easy to ‘Make’ products
  • There is always a market for such sales
  • Online websites are easy to find


  • You are literally selling used underwear
  • You have to wear them for days without changing
  • I can imaging its embarrassing if your friends or family find out

Have a read through some Travel posts ❤

Thank you for reading, I hope you found some useful information 😀

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