Make money online – The Complete eBay Selling Guide

You may of heard the rumours about getting rich from ebay but how possible is it to actually make a living from it?

Actually very possible indeed, I would love to show you how. Be prepared for some hard work and many stressful hours but I give you my word it is soooo worth it. Today is the best time to start.

Ebay Logo

I am Frankie, A social media nut with a whole wealth of experience working both on and off the Internet, With many years putting theories to the test to ‘get rich quick’ I have lived in my van for many years and despite the struggle this has never crashed my eBay businesses. If I can do it, Anyone can 🥰

So what is ebay?? In simple terms Ebay is a global selling platform for everyone buying or selling products, It can be used as a personal base to shift unwanted items for some pocket money but can also be used as a business platform to sell mass items to the world, Depending on what your end goal is ❓👀 I started off as a personal buyer and seller, Focused mainly on selling in the UK and buying from local people within a five mile radius. I didn’t have two pennies to rub together when I first started but being smart with the small amount of cash I made, in no time at all was pulling in a healthy stream of cash.

A word of advice would be focus for the end goal, This is not a get rich over night technique but a steady income that grows with your eBay business.

First let’s look at how to begin selling successfully on eBay.

Getting started on ebay

You will need an eBay profile, PayPal account, access to a bank account, and of course a professional looking email address.. DON’T share these details with anyone! Keep yourself protected online.

You have some good items in your house, loft or garage I guarantee, Take a look through some old items you no longer want or need. Let’s sell. You need to start off with a sensible email address, avoid anything that highlights your selling account in a bad way.. The last thing you want a year down the line is for your eBay business to be under the email address ‘saucykitten69’ 😂 as funny as it would be, it would slow down advancing your potential.

Sign up for a eBay and PayPal account, be sure to have an open bank account. Set up your eBay with a professional name that is easy to remember and the same with your PayPal. Keep your bio short, informative and simple. The logo or ‘profile picture’ should be professional, Make sure that any text can be read with ease and all pictures are mature.

Ebay abbreviations

You will see a lot of these abbreviations whilst buying and selling on eBay, It is always a good idea to get clued up on the short-hand.

  • SAS – Sold as seen
  • ONO – Or nearest offer
  • P&P – postage and packaging
  • Co – Collection only
  • NR – no reserve price
  • NWT – New with tags
  • HTF, OOP – Hard to find, out of print
  • NWOT – New, but without store tags
  • OOAK – One of a kind
  • COA – Certificate of authenticity
  • MIB – Mint in box

How to sign up for a eBay account – Starting a eBay account can be done via the eBay app or by signing up on the website, Find the website by Google and click register, Follow the sign up instructions to complete.

Google – eBay
Find the search result
Top left next to ‘sign in’ click register
Complete registration information required

How to sign up for a PayPal account – PayPal is really straightforward, grab your mobile phone and download the PayPal app from any appstore. Install. Head into the app and set up. I have put an example below 🙂

Google PayPal sign up / or PayPal register
Find the Web address
Choose between personal or business account
Start off with mobile phone number then follow steps

How to register for an email address – Pick an email account that you would like to own. Yahoo, Outlook, Blueyonder, Gmail, AOL ect. Follow a google search to their website normally googling (Yahoo Register) ‘for example’ sign up and pick your email address url and woo you are set. Examples below. I have used Yahoo as a guide.

Google choosen email hub registration
Head to home page of chosen site
Follow registration process to complete

How to get started with a bank – Most people these days have a bank account but for those that don’t, Fear not it is simple. Locate banks through Google / websites or popping into store. Find one that best suits your needs, Apply for a online bank “Normally via an application form on a website or in store” and jobs a good un. I have put some details below of the top 10 banks in the UK.

Lloyd’s banking group
The Royal Bank of Scotland
Nationwide banking
Santander bank
Barclays bank

‘Bidding War’

This is when a group of bidders battle to win an auction

Account name

Try and keep your account name neutral, simple and easy to remember, Changes can be made in the future, The last thing you want is for anything to effect your reputation. For example, When I started selling on ebay I thought long and hard about the perfect name, Its the name people will see when they click on your profile, It should be easy to remember.. I wrote out a whole A4 sheet of paper with name ideas, You will know when the right one is in front of you. My selling name was ‘Poppy_UK’ I  changed the name later on to suit my other social accounts better but at the time this name was simple, easy to remember and doesn’t take a lot of thought.

Account picture

There is no real right or wrong when it comes to profile pictures as long as you avoid the rude, offensive or inappropriate content. I tend to aim for a simple logo of the first letter of my first name and the last letter of my last, Add this with some funky colours that you LOVE!! and heeyy-Prestoo your amazing looking logo. If you are a fan of selfies, you could even take a high quality selfie, Smile.. It says a thousand words! Avoid Snapchat filters on a professional site as this could look a bit too unprofessional for a serious account. Think of it like this, Would you upload that image to a job application? If the answer is no, Don’t use it. It’s okay to be playful but keep it clean.

Bio / About me page

You personal biography should be short, easy to read and straight to the point, bring elements of who you are and what you do. Avoid talking about your childhood or the neighbours cat Charlie 👀 your ebay ‘about me’ page should be interesting and fun. If someone was to buy a product from you, You have to demonstrate a professional and passionate service. Speak like you are confident and know what you are doing.

Listing photo

You are given 12 free photo slots to fill on eBay and this is extremely generous, Most other sites offer a lot less. So my first advice would be to uses these slots! Bare in mind if you upload more than the 12 available slots you will be charged a final value fee. Make sure to take the highest quality photos you can, Stick with high resolution HD images, Most mobile phones these days are highly capable of shooting really impressive photographs.. Optimise this for your benefit. Shoot the product face on for the first image, Get all the item in the frame and make sure you have plenty of natural lighting. Ask yourself.. Would I buy this?? Be aware of the space around the product, Clean and tidy the photo area before shooting the photos. These steps are the difference between selling the product in a bidding war and relisting at the end of the listing period.


I have seen sooooooo many ebay listings with spelling mistakes in the title, Now I know we all make spelling mistakes but it can look a tad unprofessional when trying to nab that sale, It can also effect keywords as search results for potential buys rely on finding items due to them being listed correctly. For example if you are listing a cap but accidentally spell it map this will not likely show up when someone types in ‘cap’ this being said always list as much relevant information into the tital as you can, With a easy to read format. When I list an item I always like to type out my title like this..

‘The Big Book On Lions | Hardback | Special Edition ⭐ FREE UK Postage ⭐’

With a title like this it describes perfectly the title of the book, what type of book it is, Hardback, paperback, Audio download ect and a special attribute such as 1st edition, signed, Excellent condition and what postage I am offering, The free postage works well! who doesn’t love free postage! The stars or other emoticons catches the eye of a potential buyer.


Someone listing an item for more than the value.

Item Specifics

This section includes information about what you are selling in an easy mouthful. First fill out the required details, This can include condition, Brand and EAN (European Article Number) always fill these in. The objective now is to reach higher in a search result, The more information you provide, The better your chance of getting a sale. Next fill out every possible ‘recommended’ these include Theme, Character, Size, Colour, type, materials, packaging, age level, year and sooooo many more.. This can be annoying if you are listing many products and it can be time consuming but remember that every added keyword is a step closer to a bidding war!


This section is just as important as the previous steps. Your choosen category determines where your listing will be placed in a huge marketplace on eBay. Each category has subcategories that alows for a more accurate search. In most cases, when you first list your item ebay will generate an auto category that fills the details for you. This depends on what you have written in your title, ebay will automatically decide where to put your product based on these keywords.. For example..

‘The Big Book On Lions | Hardback |Special Edition FREE UK Postage’

Highlighted in bold are keywords that automatically determine where your item will be placed in the eBay algorithm.


The description is very important. This is the space that should be utilised to describe your product in great detail. Pictures, fonts and colours can also be used. Very much like the title, Keep your description tidy, easy to understand and well formatted. When you first open the description box you will notice the default text that appears at the top, This is usually the title and postage information.

Description.                                                                                                         The Big Book On Lions |Hardback |Special Edition ⭐ FREE UK Postage ⭐ Dispatched with Royal mail 2nd class

Delete it all and start a fresh. Write out the main points and make it truthful, Accurate and easy to understand, This is the difference between loosing a sale and nabbing a deal. Points to include when selling an item.

Condition. Be truthful, If you sell your item as immaculate, perfect, Excellent condition and the product is far from that the buyer will be pretty annoyed, potentially leading to a full refund, bad review and a waste of your selling time. If you are selling something that has damage but doesn’t work, List as ‘sold as seen’ or ‘spares or repair’ you will see a condition box under your title and photo listing so make sure this is the same as your description

Colour. It doesn’t hurt to mention the colour of the item you are selling, never assume your viewers can see colour. Describe the product like you are selling over the phone.

Postage. Whenever you sell an item through ebay have in mind how you wish to post. Royal mail is a preferred option. Taking into account the size, weight and type of item that you are sending. Does it abide by the terms and conditions of any mailing / postage company? Some items are prohibited! Knives, weapons, dangerous or hazardous materials ect, You can find all these details on your chosen courier website. Even though your overall listing has a selection for postage it’s always nice to mention it again just so that every possible bit of information is included to a potential buyer.


So eBay pricing system is relatively simple, The whole idea is based on gaining bids that raise the price of your product, Like an auction. Have an idea of how much you’d like to sell for and list slightly lower to get interest. A bidding war is when more than two people battle head to head, throwing bids down to win an Auction, You want these on your page as this can potentially make you some decent money. The pricing selection contains interesting information that you may find useful. Auction, This is where you put down a price and people bid over a duration of however many days you have selected, 7 days being the most common. You can also add a reserve price if you wish for your item to not sell for less than a certain amount, Offers are good for listings that haven’t sold for a while, turn on ‘offers’ and people can now send you a price they would be happy to pay and you can either accept or decline. Buy it now, this is exactly as it sounds, Just like buying from a online market place, A buy it now means you can literally buy it now.

Okay so this is how to begin on eBay, Now it is down to you!! 😁 Get listing and see the money pile up

If you are new to eBay, your account will be restricted to 10 listings per month until you have sold a couple of items and shown you are a genuine seller, Make sure you follow up on sales, contact the buyers so they know when to expect delivery, As well as mark the listing as dispatched. If you have charged extra for tracking or signed for, Fill out the tracking number so that buyers can check this whenever they like.. This also helps ebay if the customer has claimed the item hasn’t arrived for any reason. When I started my second eBay account two years ago I managed to increase my listings within 7 days as my items sold quickly using the above methods, I now sell on two eBay accounts and have thousands of positive star reviws, each platforms can list thousands of pounds worth of stock each month.. You can do it too! The more you list the easier it becomes and before you know it you are pulling in sales left right and centre, Getting rich off eBay is possible but it does take hard work and patience! Go get yourself some money! 💸

It is sometimes good to source some valuable items to sell, this can quickly advance your profits.

Selling fees

Selling fees occur when selling on eBay and through PayPal. These fees are automatically deducted from sales. eBay selling fees are 10% on the final transaction value, this includes taxes and postage.. This is known as the final value fee. The maximum you can pay for a single item is £250.. So if you sell an item for £3,000 you won’t pay 10% value as £300 you will pay £250.. If an item sells for £30,000 you will pay a final value fee of £250. If your item doesn’t sell you won’t be charged. PayPal will take 2.9% and 30p for every transaction.


It is possible to live a very comfortable life with eBay and if this is the avenue you wish to go down, following the advice above will help. You can easily make thousands of pounds per month through eBay if you are patience. This won’t happen overnight but you can do it! 👍🏻🙂

Van Life

Many of my regular readers know that I live in my van, Since hitting the road potential to keep money coming in from eBay became more of a struggle, But not impossible. Fortunately I have two really good friends who help me with storing items and running joint eBay accounts, These two really make travel and sales possible.

Although finding items to list wouldn’t be too difficult in a van, It does pose some issues, Like limited space to store ‘stock’

Having friends help is also very helpful for promoting this very website / blog you are reading. With freebies, business cards and gifts often sent to those who make a purchase, all showing my love and appreciation 🥰


eBay is brilliant, A very good additional income that makes all the difference. If approached correctly this could be the best step towards making good money online

Some popular items to sell on eBay are:

  • Mobile Phones (old and new)
  • Clothes
  • Tablet, Computer, Laptops
  • Toys and Games
  • Household Decoration / Homewear
  • Sports equipment / Gym equipment
  • Cars, Vans, Vehicles
  • Books, Dvd, E-readers
  • Games Consoles, Video Games

Make sure to list all items truthfully, Describe all damage accurately.

The loft / attic

In this dark roof space you could find some forgotten jems just waiting to make you some extra cash, Get digging!


It’s not unusual for people to make good money from selling unusual items like, Rocks, Stones, Parking spaces, Air (yes really)

Get creative

Get creative and sell Art, Paint a nice picture. Oil Painting sell for an absolute fortune! Usually those that have age to them with a nice canvas frame but generally speaking, You’ll make some sales. Paint rocks, Make craft, Draw something on paper, Sew or crochet.

Whatever you decide, You’ll do brilliantly 🥰💕

If you have an eBay account and would like to share it, Please send me the link and I’ll feature it in my next article 💕 for FREE 🥰


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