What is it like living in a car?

Following one of my first blog posts about living in my car. I have received many lovely messages with plenty of questions. I thought I’d do a part 2 đŸĨ°

Looking back on my first 💕❤ī¸

Just to point out that I no longer live in my car, I upgraded to a van and travel the country living like this everyday 😍

These are some of the most common questions I have been asked about living in a car 🙂💕

Was it cramped?

Yes. Very cramped. The hardest part of living in a car was getting changed, Having a wash and relaxing on an evening. My car was a small hatchback so room was a massive issue.

I miss my little bumblebee 💕❤ī¸

Are you homeless?

Technically no, My van is my home. I have two ‘safe houses’ that I can stay at when I return once or twice a year but generally speaking I am not homeless. I choose to live like this.

Is it scary?

It can be. I found the first month the most scary. Adapting to New sounds can be daunting as this is like nothing you’d experience in a build up area. Because I move about a lot I also see more ‘rough’ areas and meet all manor of people. Sometimes it helps to be brave 😅

All blinds removed ready for van transfer 💕❤ī¸

How do you do go to the loo?

This is probably the most asked question I get. Check out my blog on how to use the loo when living on the road. This article covers every possible eventually, Really shining the light on this dark subject.

“How to poop in public” – Click Here

Why live in your car?

For many reasons. It is a lot cheaping, meaning I can save for my future. The freedom, I see so many magical places that I wouldn’t be able to see if I was paying so much for accommodation and general health and well-being, Living the van life really opens your mind to the world and I find, Makes you a more relaxed, Happy person.

I kept Bumblebee clean 😍💕

How do you wash?

With great difficulty! Washing in a car was a HUGE struggle. I had large water bottles of cold water. Shower wash and secluded locations. I’d pretty much stand half naked in the middle of nowhere and clean myself. Always using a clean towel that would dry on a makeshift washing line. It was cold, Nerve-racking and also kind of fun. I would also take advantage of public camping showers as these were a lifesaver!

How do you cook food?

Personally I didn’t cook very often as I lived off cold, long life foods. When I did cook I’d simply use a disposable bbq tray and make up a meal, Boiling a hot sauce pan over a fire was also a good option but due to the smoke, mess and general awkwardness I’d stick with cold foods. Cafes and restaurants were another option when I was lazy.

Things to do when boredom strikes, Sticker bomb 💕

Is getting changed difficult?

Yes, very. The first month I would literally get changed in the dark. Lay down in my car with the window curtains closed, struggling to get my trousers on. After a few weeks of complete body recking twists I found getting changed outside the car a better option. Just making sure no peaking eyes were about 👀

How do you brush your teeth?

The same as everyone else. But instead of running water I’d use a bowl and a bottle. Dental hygiene is very important, keeping those pearly whites shining is a must! Regular dentist check ups are also something that is needed when on the road. I’ve never missed an appointment.

What power supply did you use?

At first just the cars cigarette power supply. I then upgraded to a small solar powered device that was just enough to charge my phone and keep my charged light running. I then purchased a small ‘charge up’ generator, Mainly used for lights, laptop, phone, tablet and jump starting my car battery when it died. Power was a struggle. Always charging my power banks at any given time.

Do you need special insurance?

I hit huge brick walls with this at first. Calling up and explaining my living situation I was met by many insurance call centre workers being unaware of this being a thing. So for the first year I just paid for full insurance and made sure to have road side assistance. It is also good to heighten your milage as you do drive a lot.

My first love 💕❤ī¸

Can we meet?

If you can find me, We can hang out 😂

Car or Van?

For me I’d have to say van, You have more space, A more comfortable living environment and definitely more opportunity to work on the road. Plus getting changed doesn’t break your back.

Why travel alone?

I have no friends ☚ī¸

Only kidding, I travel alone for the simple reason, I can decide where to go, what to do and how long to stay in one spot. Being alone for such a period of time takes a while to adapt to but once you do it’s pretty amazing!

I love you ❤ī¸

What do you miss about house living?

I miss many things. Taking a long hot bubble bath with candles, I miss the companionship (sometimes) I miss being able to lock the front door and stay at home all day on my days off. I miss having a huge wardrobe full of clothes, I miss cooking on an oven, I miss social media 😅 I miss a big double bed, I miss having a washing machine and dryer… And I miss using a proper toilet đŸšŊ

You feelings on sex and relationships?

This is actually one question I never thought I’d be asked. And such a good question it is. People never think about the sexual desires when living in a car or Van full time, Solo travel does cut out pretty much any chance to have sexual encounters or a relationship.

My next blog article will cover this in full. All about how I manage 😉 be sure to check it out!

She was as clean as her owner 😍💕

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