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Keeping on top of your personal hygiene is one of the most important things to consider when living the van life.

When it comes to shaving or waxing the space in a van can make this one of the most infuriating tasks you may have to overcome.

Like many others I wax. Using Veet strips once a month. I order these in bulk and collect from friends or family’s houses once every 6 months.

It work out to be cheaper as I am lucky enough to not grow hair very quickly. And Waxing as apposed to shaving means no hair clean up or the use of shaving creams.

Space being the biggest problem!

My learnt method is simply, Find a secluded location, Close all curtains, Turn on sufficient lights, Sit on a towel on my bed and get all silky smooth.

Finding the right position can be tricky at first but you’ll adapt.

Disposing of the used waxing strips is easy, Keep an open bag and once used, Throw into the bag. Once finished, Tie the bag and pop in a public bin.

Why Wax?

Living on the road is a sense of freedom, With this you can make choices just like any aspect of your life. If you decide to go wild, You can. It is totally up to you 💕

If waxing isn’t your thing, Shaving is a close second. Id recommended having a bowl of water for dipping the razor, plenty of shaving foam and aftercare. Saving can be messy so dip dip dip! And keep a portable vacuum handy.

Does Waxing Hurt?

Waxing does hurt a bit, But we all have different pain thresholds. You may not feel a thing.

Waxing doesn’t hurt less living on the road. It would feel the same as in a house.

Does it take longer?

Yes, Waxing and shaving in a van does take a lot longer but with practice you’ll be a wizz in no time.

I find waxing quicker, I should not be trusted with razors 😅

Can I use an electric shaver?

You can, I personally don’t find these to work as well but if you prefer them, You can. Except to shave more often and have plenty of clean up after you’ve finished.

Charging or powering your shaver may also cause some issues if you have to keep an eye out for how much power you consume 👀

Head to a Salon?

This is an option if you can afford it. Salons are everywhere and they do a good job.

Sometimes you might fancy a professional beautician keeping you smooth, But always keep a supply of razors or waxing strips just in case you are unable to reach a salon.

Best Waxing Strips

This is personal preference but for me, I use Veet. These waxing strips work well for my skin, Leaving a smooth body.

The marketplace is full of different brands, Some better than others. Check some reviews and give them a go 😁

Some most popular products shown below.

Best Shavers

I am not the biggest shaver fan so I don’t have much preference. If I need to shave I’d opt for a cheap disposal pack, These are okay for a quick, cheap neat up.

Some online retailers advertise some good razors with brilliant reviews. As shown below.


With the help from some lovely friends I have been able to work on a NEW project that is creating amazing products I can give away for FREE!! 😍

Follow me on Instagram and wait for the posts 🥰 As I build more online, I will be giving away better and better freebies as a HUGE thank you!

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