Entertainment when travelling / solo camping guide

It’s no secret I blog for a better tomorrow, discovering more about myself, finding serenity within. Mealy finding myself… How cute?? πŸ˜‚


Self entertainment is tricky at the best of times, We are all social beings craving constant communication from our peers. Being away from all of that in an isolated area really brings all emotions to the surface! But given time, it could be the best decision you have ever made! Take the plunge! Enjoy it 😘

This is one of the most common questions I am asked when out and about travelling alone. “Does it get boring?” “What do you do for entertainment?” And the truth is yes it does get boring, sometimes I would find myself at the end of my tether, pulling my hair out from boredom. Believe it or not this is completely normal! When I lived at home, I had all of my devices to hand whenever I wanted. The TV would be running in the background if I were working, the kettle was boiled 50 times a day and even taking the time for a long soak in the bath, I was taking life for granted.

Living on the move means cutting down all essential things you don’t really need, this really gives you the experience of being truly alone, there is nothing more daunting.

The hardest part for me was the first two weeks. I had moved away from all of my friends, family and even left my job, just to see if life on the road could benefit me in the long run. It was a struggle! I must of hit every obstacle along the way. Scraping every tiny bit of strength I had left in me to focus and keep going.

Entertainment is everywhere, you just need to know where to look! I will break down some of the top ways I find fun. And how to love the best life on a shoestring.


They say money buys happiness… True in some cases. Even though travel is more economical than living a ‘house life’ this also means you need to keep track of funds. Days out, activities or even trips can set you back a small fortune. Make sure you budget before planing anything, if you need petrol, this should be classed as an importance before that fun looking zip wire experience! I will list a few things to take into consideration before splurging on the next big adventure.

  • Insurance
  • MOT
  • Fuel
  • Food / Water
  • Repairs
  • Rent / keep (if you stay on private property)
  • Electric
  • Heating
  • Car repairs
  • Bills (phone, Internet, ect)

These are just a few things to keep in mind before splashing out on activities. Unlike living in a house, you have no fall back option if you get stranded in the middle of nowhere with no supplies.


Finding fun things to do in the area you are staying is half the battle, Before I set off to a new location I make a habbit of checking online to find out what is available. 9 times out of 10 you will come across something that tickles your fancy. If your budget is low or null, this is brilliant! Most places offer free things to do, from museums, park walks or activity classes. Get involved! You will have a good time πŸ˜€

You can’t always rely on local entertainment to bring some fun into your trip, I get this, so on an evening, with no one to talk to I take part in any of the things listed below to help curb that restless peak!

Game consoles!

Oh yeah! You read that right!

I’m not talking, super ultra mega HD 50inch TV with surround sound, plugged into the brand new PlayStation 500c super!! I am talking more on the level of a good old PSP with spare battery, 20 games and UMD for movies. This has kept me quiet on those blistering rain stormy nights in the cold. If this gets boring for me I will switch over to my Gameboy sp with portable charger, 30 games, including all the pokemon and sit back battling my way through the night. Handheld consoles are absolutely fantastic to keeping the boredom at bay! And these devices don’t need to be top of the range anymore, think along the lines of living a more de-cluttered life. And if this doesn’t work… Grab your phone! Endless games to keep you occupied.

Another fantastic bonus to handheld games consoles it the amazing battery life. They can last for days without needing a charge.


This is me all over! Throughout the day I am exploring, jotting notes, generally taking in EVERYTHING I see!… I kid you not! But when I head back to my van I am straight away typing up a new blog, Not only is this brilliant for finishing off the day but it also helps keep the mind working! You are reading, writing, editing, It is the most fun you can be doing. If you find writing tedious, You may find writing up a story or two, talk about what interests you, write a letter home, write a ‘to-do’ list. The possibility is endless.

Writing can be the best form of time killer with the best structured value for time. If you enjoy writing, this could one day be your full time job. Writing to bring in some extra income to help fund your love for travel. Who knows what the future brings.


I understand first hand space is limited, so the storage of books is less than possible, but providing yourself with a kindle or e-book reader would be a smart investment of your time if you enjoy reading. Usually with free or very cheap downloads, all you need is a hot spot to download and you are away! The best thing about reading is it passes time brilliantly, submerging yourself into the words. Many travellers or adventures pass the time by reading.

Not only does reading pass the time but it can also educate your mind. It goes hand in hand with traveling, discover new things, learn and improve. Growing as a person must be the best way to truly spend those long winded hours alone. Read about wildlife, That is always fun.

Call home!

Checking in with loved ones is always nice, especially if you have been away for a while. This could be the perfect opportunity to pick up the phone and catch up! Maybe not such a good idea to do this during the night or early hours! They may love you but no one wants that unless it’s an emergency. If you are on the road with someone else, it would also be a nice idea to do video calls, Getting involved with each others families will help keep that connection alive.

Take the opportunity to send some emails, text your parents, Facebook message your siblings, WhatsApp your friends, show them your living arrangements for the day. Find out how they are getting on with work, Get them to catch you up with the news in the local area that you may of missed.

Bike rides!

This one is very common, If not the most popular choice for van lifers. Grab some bikes from a local rental or crack out your own and hit the road! I see more bikers out and about than cars in most places. Personally I don’t have space or spare money for a bike but it looks like it would be a great way to get about seeing the views!

I need to buy a fold-away bike! ‘Future plans’


Let’s hope I am not the only one who enjoys abit of organising! Take these free hours to clean up, tidy, organise, hang that picture you’ve been meaning to hang on your van door. Fix that tent hole! Just take a moment to look around your car, van, tent or whatever you are staying in and see if you can spot something that needs doing! I like to stopwatch myself, see how fast I can do chores… I know, I need some friends!!

Someone be my friend!!

Walking is the best way to clear your mind β™₯️

Go for a walk!

This may be the most obvious choice for any explorer. It may not be!… I was once camped out in my little van on a mountain side in Wales, I spent a whole week feeling sorry for myself as I drove 7 hours with limited funds, hardly any clothes with no heating in the van and so very lonely! I literally spent the whole week in my van flicking through my phone, On the last day before I moved on for supplies I drove out of the mountains, with massive amazement I saw views I would of loved to check out!! Now dangerously out of survival essentials I had to leave the area, only stopping for a brief moment.

After this week I have made an effort to head out to see what the world is hiding, we all learn in different ways! Just walk! You will definitely not regret it… Just wear sensible shoes!! The blisters… πŸ˜¬πŸ˜…


People are interesting, The stories I have heard!!… Finding connections with strangers of all ages is great character building, It never hurts to find like minded individuals in the same area, safety in numbers and all that! One thing that always surprises me is the invites. At first it was generic complimentary talks on vans, some comparisons, some light hearted jokes, occasionally being asked to join in with a campfire meeting. Before long I was invited to join an elderly couple for dinner in their RV, I’ve been invited on mountain walks, activity adrenaline centres, road trips, service meet ups and more! These things all add to the adventure! Go say hello ☺️


Take a moment to relax, hear the sounds around you. Crashing waves of the sea coming in. Possibly birds singing in the trees. Inhale through your nose, slowly exhale through your mouth. Meditation is brilliant, center yourself to really find that perfect medium! It helps with stress, exhaustion and even physical fitness. This would be a great form of time passing. Give it a go! I highly recommend it!

This concludes some basic things you should try out the next time you are out in this wonderful world. Just be safe!! I talk about socialising with strangers but the sense must be present! If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, Leave the situation and head back to your own space. Safety must always come first.

I find entertainment in the beauty of the Earth.

Frankie Lang

“Say what!!? Who would include these??”


“Now Now kid you know drinking doesn’t make you look cool! You can’t class alcohol as entertainment dammit!”

Okay maybe sometimes it is fun… Like 15 year old me all blonde hair blue eyes innocently sipping from a white lightning bottle at the local park… Don’t judge!

I SWEAR MOM I’M NOT DWUNK!!… I don’t even dwink… Serious!!


“Oh no kid, don’t tell me you think smoking is good! Having that puff puff. Dammit smoking isn’t entertaining”

Eeeek I may of tried a spliffy spliff when I was a little rebellious fool. I had three drags before the room started spinning and spent five ours throwing up!

“Is that a…. Dragon?? No guys for real… Right there!! Woah it’s so pretty!!”



“Nice name you sprayed there!! What does it say?? “Crunch”? What’s a crunch!? Dammit graffiti is not entertainment… Urgg”

Ah being 17, skate punk faze! It was all hate with spelled with 8 and I’d skate with an 8. And chill with my mates with 8s.

Just to clarify.

17, chillin wiv m8s, sk8ing.. H8in chavs.. Ahh I miss MSN!!

You have been wonderful! ❀️ Thank you for reading another one of my blogs, I wouldn't be able to write so much if it wasn't for you! I truly appreciate you. Thank you ☺️

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