Living in my car / Solo travel

Oh snap… We share the same interest! ❤️

We are born into this world straight from a hospital bed, wrapped in a blanket and placed in a house, Surrounded by loving family and friends.


Sound familiar?… Oh too right…

Meet 12 year old Frankie. The most defiant ‘smartest kid on planet Earth’ . Oh so very annoying.

At least these days I am a mature human being 😇

How cute is this cupcake 😍

Going through all the expected confusions of growing up into adulthood would of been nothing but an endless journey of self discovery. I guess running away from my problems was the first sign I’d never want to live a normal life.

At 15 I worked a paper job delivering billions of newspapers to every house in the WORLD!!! … I felt RICH, I felt amazing and rich!. You see, never growing up around money I hadn’t a clue how to make more money with what I had. So each paycheck would be gone the day after receiving it… Such a smart Frankie!

I grew up pretty quick when I started working a full time in a job in retail (that I hated)… I was paying bills, covering costs of phone contracts and helplessly trying my hardest to get a driving licence. Originally just to help me get to and from work.

My life was dull!!

2021 – Everyday is a new adventure 🥰

At a news year eve party a couple of friends and myself were joking about travelling the world as ‘besties’. I for one didn’t like the idea… Class me more of a solo act… I shared none of the passions… (other than the travel idea of course) That I can get on board with.

Three weeks later I packed my car with a borrowed tent, All the bits and bobs I may need and a brand new excitement for adventure. Hitting the road without looking back, telling no one why or where I was going. My focus was mealy as far as my blue eyes could see.

After a long drive, setting down in North Wales, I kept all my belonging in the car. Locked the doors and went on a proper Frodo and Sam adventure.


This trip will bore you to tears… Soooo Skipping to the point I am failing to make. I got lost, re-found, had a scary night alone in the woods, phone died, car battery almost died, ran out petrol, walked 6 miles to get some, walked another 9 miles trying to find my way back to the car, drove home… Zzzzzzz for three days.

I was hooked!

Next time I will do this properly!!


The car I drove (Back in the day) was one of the smallest cars EVER!!! A suzuki ignis… 3 door! But I loved it.

I miss my first car… R.I.P Iggy

With a 1.3L engine this car was very lightweight, not to mention nippy. I was a new driver back then so I had a lot to learn about general road etiquette, A few dings may of happened in the two years of ownership 😅 but my little yellow beauty was holding up to my ‘Interesting’ driving style.

Space was an issue, Even with the seats being folded down, Before completely removing them. Luggage wise there was just enough space for the explorer kit. And on some occasions of sleeping rough in the actual car wasn’t so bad without the seats.

Window blinds of some sort are recommended as you do get peekers 👀

I added my own spin on the styling, Adding a yellow steering wheel cover, amazing amount of sticker bombing all over the interior. And of course later on a seat delete for more space (as mentioned)

Ohh I De-Badge the rear of iggy too ❤️

Sticker bomb design on interior!
Look how clean my sills were! Obsessed with cleaning!


NEVER forget to lock your doors, whether sleeping inside or outside your vehicle. This car is your lifeline. Protect it!

As a clueless traveller many, many years ago I stumbled across a lovely patch of land in the middle of nowhere. This area was perfectly situated away from the main road but not so far into grassland that I would be freaked out by scary alien life during sundown.

My little UFO 🛸

The evening was relaxing with no souls wondering. Falling asleep at about 11 I was in complete bliss. All seemed lovely… Until I was awoken to someone trying to open my door… Being alerted in absolute panic I sat up from my sleepy slumber. Grabbing my torch and opening my car window curtain I saw a man. I asked what the £#@& he was doing he replied “Are you here for some fun?”

I told him to #£&@ off and closed the blind. Absolutely terrified I got my location up on my phone, texted my bestie to share my details and quickly explained what had happened. She was awake… Luckily! She called me.

(I never swear but this was a terrifying experience) 

After this petrifying encounter I decided to prepare myself for driving off. Still believing the man was outside the car I wanted to make sure I had the key ready to go.

With my rear window being tinted I never put up curtains, Confident I could reverse in the dark I turned the key and switched on the headlight (on high beam!) Removing the blinds was like something out of a horror movie!

I saw two guys standing not so far away from my car, I also noticed a few other vehicles just out of view… I drove off not slowing down for anything… Heart beating out of my chest.

It was the next day I found out through my friend who had discovered online this was a well known dogging location! I was camped up in the middle of a blummin dogging spot!!! Like, for real!!

For those innocent people who don’t know what dogging is… Its a group of people who get together in the wild to do stuff… Ermm like… Yeah let’s stick with that!

To tell the truth I was very relieved, it could of been something very sinister! Learning the hard way is always fun. Before camping these days I always make sure to check the area online, Never will I want to end up in a situation like that again 🙈


You have seen my old car!… It was like sleeping under a cold single bed.

Possibly six months it took me to finally work out how to get the most out of the available space. I did manage it eventually though… Hats off to me 😅. Removing the back seats freed up plenty of space to turn into a bedroom, The front passenger seat was transformed into my kitchen / water storage area. Behind the two front seats I had my column bags for clothes, First aid kit, chargers, shower wash and other little essentials.

Imagine a pretzel… That’s how I slept!

My seating area was the boot opened as a viewing platform when looking out on the sea (On the rare occasions I found a good spot by the sea) the boot lid also acted as a good shade covering.

The square shape of the car really helped with providing more room. Some cars lack space with all that plastic lining. I was lucky 🍀

A boot-eful view ❤️


Some problems with car-life.

  • Lack of space
  • Not a lot of storage
  • No shower
  • No cooking area
  • No fridge
  • Low roof
  • Small, Small, Small
  • Not a lot of privacy
  • Small and vulnerable
  • It can be too hot
  • It can be too cold
  • No privacy
  • Difficult to work on a laptop
  • Limited power
  • You have to master sleeping like a bendy straw

You can’t always rely on having the proper set up for a shower! And personal hygiene is very important. I can’t go two days without a deep clean washy! You can’t realistically set up a shower in your 3 door 😅

This one time I was so desperate for a wash, being so far away from civilisation was perfect for my makeshift wash station. The first step… Get into swimming cozy (or go nude) Second step is using a bottle of water to get my whole body wet, Third step cover body with body wash, “Scrubba dubb dubb” and finally pour over another bottle (or two) of water. Done Done Done…

⭐🚿 Sparkling Frankie 🚿⭐

If car-life is something you fancy giving a go… Get a van! 😂

Living for any length of time in a car is problematic. Save for a high roof van, Make it your own 🙂 enjoy!

But if car travel is all you can do right now I have some tips that may help you avoid the struggle so often found.

Get a tent, prepare for sleeping outdoors. Make sure to pack a fold up sleeping bag for the colder nights, This is also for comfort. Pop a roof box on your car, The extra storage will save you hours rummaging through your bags. Get enough water to last you, preferably the larger bottles, These are heavy so make sure to factor in the weight. Stay in areas close to the amenities, crash at a camp site (usually for a small fee) take advantage of hotel, bnb, room to let (offers)

Take enough batteries to power your torch 😅 it gets dark.


Get cover!

Like a right tool I skipped this important step on my first few travels. Relying on local garages can be expensive! Check online for the best deal, making sure to factor in catchment areas, possible courtesy car and being toed to a garage. It wouldn’t hurt to improve your insurance, You will be mobile more frequently, Extra cover may be the difference between struggling and being sort of okay.

Carry cash and a card… Just in case you need food, parking, campsite, repairs, day trips, more blankets, Toll, medical supplies (plasters, headache tablets ect) hotel, bnb… To name a few.


The love for travel can’t easily be explained, I guess it’s different from person to person. Most of us experience wanting to pack a bag and go.

Unfortunately dangers lurk around every corner, This planet being a breeding ground for violence. Informing a trusted someone of your location is well worth doing. A vehicle tracking device wouldn’t be overkill either, Allowing someone to download your location can help in many circumstances.

“I feel like an ice-pop”

Frankie Lang

Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong. Life is for living so get out there and live!! We have such a short time on this Earth, Do what your heart desires ☺️ Even the bad days will be worth it!

❤️ Sadly Iggy died many years ago, She saw me through countless adventures, Always fighting till the last ‘gas’ breath! Rest in peace little iggy. Your name badge will forever be lost in a draw in my van ❤️

These blogs bring back some good memories! I hope someone has found some helpful points or even just had a good read.

Some fun things I did to my car on the road. Because my little Iggy was a small yellow car, I purchased a decal of "Car Friend" from the inbetweeners. This was the most perfect conversation starter. A surprising amout of people of all ages had seen the program, From all over the UK.

Make my day ❤️

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Let me know your feeling on car-life or van-life. Do you agree with my feelings? I’d love to hear your opinions 🙂



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