Companionship when solo travelling / Van-Life

Starting off… My laptop won’t charge in the van Soooo… Mobile blog here we are!… This is going to be interesting 😂

I am lonely

People joke about being lonely all the time. The harsh reality is, it hurts… It really hurts. Have you ever seen that movie with Tom Hanks called cast away? Well I am literally calling out for Wilson after two days in the wilderness 🙈

Being away from home has many positives, Like experiencing wonders and the sense of freedom you just don’t get from living at home. Plus, you wont have anyone telling you what to do… My favourite part about travelling alone 😀

The downsides vary from person to person… Loneliness being one of the common agreements amongst us crazy folk! Online communities don’t really talk in detail about the negatives, but I honestly believe in the importance of this, as dreaming about doing something so drastic and actually doing it is a completely different experience.

I am the only person for 300 miles 😳

Luckily for my sanity I have discovered techniques that help. Hopefully they can help you too 😇💕 Once the daunting heaviness wears off, the loneliness becomes your bestest friend. Returning to society takes some practice though… You return home to a thousand questions, plenty of excitement and welcoming arms. It takes some getting used to.

Here are some ideas you may find helpful. Give them a go 😁

Reading / Writing

I find self companionship can be found with reading and writing. It might sound bizarre but strangely enough it works. When you find yourself engrossed in the world of reading, your mind takes on a whole new level of imagination, You become the characters, you visualise each and every scenario.

Like many people, travelling light is all we can do. The storage of books can be an inconvenience. Purchase a good E-book to download endless reading material to keep you entertained for weeks. They are lightweight and easy to store, With as much content as most libraries… Well almost!

Writing is versatile. Using a pen and paper is the most common form of scribbling. (Like a letter home) but also using a laptop has proven a very efficient way of organising typed documents on the go. Never side step mobile devices, these can be a lifesaver… This blog being a prime example 😅

Take advantage of being alone to stimulate your mind. Write about your day. Do what I do and ramble… Goodbye three weeks of potential constructive work!

“Don’t hide away those feelings of loneliness, Share them with someone”

Frankie lang

Social Media

We all have contacts on social media we’d rather not share our personal mobile numbers. Despite this, Take the opportunity to open a new line of communication with these people. Everyone is interesting in their own way. Get chatting with some old school friends, Re-live old story’s. Share interesting experiences. Social media is absolutely amazing for quick contact with people.

One of my most favourite platforms is Instagram, Sharing pictures with the world on my personal account is oddly enjoyable, Spend time discovering other accounts of similar interests, Get chatting 😀

Call home

Whoever it may be, Siblings, parents, grandparents, friends, sons, daughters… Check in to see how everyone is. Face time is awesome!! The distance won’t seem so far 🙂 and I am pretty sure they will want to know how you are getting on x

One of the reasons I left home to travel was my home life. It wasn’t bad, It just wasn’t what I wanted at that point in my life. Even though I should call home more often, I always find time to check 😊 It can be one of the most effective ways of curing loneliness. A these people know you better than anyone.

Genuine conversation I had with my 17 year old brother last week!
Me - "Hii bro, How is everyone?, I miss you all so much!!" 
Brother - "Yo sissy dissy waddup??"
Me - "Everything is okay with me thank you, How is mom and dad? and yourself, are you okay?
Brother - They be all good sis, me en-all
Brother - Oh an like i want ur room

Me - You can have my room, I dont use it. have you asked mom and dad?
Me - And your slang talk is really coming on by the way, You sound really.... Cool!
Me - and if you want to box all my things, I can collect them in three weeks when I am home
Brother - Innit
Me - I enjoy our chats little brother
Brother - Its cuz im da legend uno
Me - Well I will catch you soon okay? Take care of yourself! Be safe!
Brother - Yeah sis u 2... Oh and dnt go tree huggin and that, I no thats wut you lot do! haha nah sound sis luvvs as always yeah!


Many van-lifes and campers travel with pets. Dogs being the most common. I must agree, If you are able to keep up with the task of keeping there wellbeing up to scratch then go for it. I’ve personally never travelled with a pet so I can’t really give accurate details to what it is like but try it.

It is globally know that dogs make the ultimate pet!!… Possibly disagreed by cat people!… SORRY! Don’t start a war 😀 I was once camped out next to this lovely elderly couple who had a pet parrot in their camper van. I was amazed 😍 This absolutely stunning birdy had such vibrant colours, and spoke! Only a few words “Hello” “Nice day isn’t it” and the famous wolf whistle. The couple where really nice and invited me into there space for a spot of lunch, So thank you John and Jill for your kindness ❤ If you are reading this, I hope you are both well ❤

What pet would you take with you travelling?


What better place to find quirky characters! Hit the pub!!. Its a great excuse to have a drink, play some darts, hit the snooker game and socialise. You’d be overwhelmed by the amount of friendly people, more than happy to beat you at pool. Just avoid the Mega drunk… They may be a bit over the top.

Join the American movie craze, lean on the bar whilst telling the barman your worldly troubles.

Pubs can also be very helpful for advice on the local area, Usually when chatting you will get asked “where are you from?” carry on the conversation about where you are heading and what areas to avoid. People can be really nice! I wouldnt recopmment sharing too much about your life. Possible things to avoid telling strangers are… Never say where you will be settled for the night, Never mention you travel alone.. Your ‘Friends’ are checking out the local area, you didn’t want to go as your feet ache!… Never invite a strange into your home without really getting to know them first. If anything was to happen you would be completely isolated.

Enjoying a crisp pint before settling down for the night.

Local groups

With travelling, look out for events taking place. This would include activity centres, hiking trips, cycle groups and even educational study classes. Not all places are available at all times but it’s worth a try. I once spent a weekend with a church group participating in a cake sales. Volunteering my time for some companionship. It was brilliant fun!!

Finding these events is usually pretty easy, Facebook groups can be the most effective. Walking around churches, community centres or village posts are also some option to check out.

A quick search on google will pull up plenty of irrelevant pages but some will strike an interest. Jump head in, Don’t be shy!

Circus / Carnival / Fayre

Time it right and you will be in luck 😃 CANDY FLOSS!!! Not to mention the 100s of people all lurking for a chat! Challenge some random person to a game of ring-toss. Go get involved with the magical workings of the CARNIVAL 😍

Resembling a kid in a toy shop, Eeek someone take me back to the fayre!! I honestly don’t believe it is possible to feel lonely at a carnival.

The circus is in town!

Talk to yourself

Once deemed as odd, Being in conversation with yourself is quickly becoming the norm… At least that’s what I’m telling people 😏 Try it some time, Have a conversation with yourself, It is strangely entertaining.

Use your smart phone camera and record a vlog (video-blog) talk to the viewers. Many travel bloggers take to YouTube to create content, Many finding it mentally beneficial.


With any attempt to cure loneliness you must make sure to keep your wellbeing at the front of your mind, Lacking companionship can cause mental strain, depression and anxiety.

We all struggle from time to time, Don’t push yourself too hard as this could have a diverse effect on your mental health. When isolated you solely rely on being on top of your game ❤️

All articles are written with the kindest of hearts. Every word carefully selected. Each blog post proofread many times by myself to make sure it is perfect for you. Pictures will always be taken by meee 😀 And never include pictures of people or things that may cause offence. Applying 100% of my love into everything I create I hope you find some enjoyment in my words.

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