Hi there!

Hii and welcome. For those that don’t know me, I am Frankie, A travel and wellbeing blogger.

I have always found it really awkward writing about myself in general so lets focus on some interesting facts I have recently learnt. Unconventional maybe… Entertaining possibly… Random most definitely!

Did you know!!

Goats have rectangular pupils!

If you stick around you will see

I set up Frankie Lang to curb my addiction to wittering on about things only I seem to be interested in!! I am usually talking to a group of friends about a passion with glazed, zombie-like stares blankly looking back at me!! I should of been named Blankie not Frankie !!. Expect blogs related to all things going on in my crazy life (plenty of wittering), but also many posts about personal issues we all have to face on a daily basis.

What was named first,

An orange or the colour orange?

I’m being totally serious!!

Okay so… This one time (about 12 months ago) I decided to write a bucket list!! I get it, I am not old or anything (Yet) but… I wanted to start living my life a bit more so… That being said I hit the pen to paper and wrote 100 items on a list to complete in a year! – Oh it was CRAZY!!

The Year Of The Bucket list – Coming soon!

A new article every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

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